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There is  good evidence of gardening  activity round the dwelling house at Fancroft mill since at least the mid 1800’s. However, the extensive complex of gardens one now encounters, were created primarily by previous owner, Garden Architect, Angela Jupe.

Serious gardeners revel in a visit to Fancroft but it also holds great appeal for those with an interest in architecture, photography and wildlife while poets painters and dreamers find there a haven of peace, beauty and inspiration in all seasons. Enter through the gate from the pebbled yard and leave behind just for a while your concerns with the busy noisome world. Begin your independent or guided exploration of 1.5 hectares of wonderfully varied regions of Fancroft Gardens.



turret garden house




Find your way, using a  map if you wish which is available at no cost, to the three unique garden houses:

The Glass House :this lovely structure has undergone major reconstruction and repair in 2018 .It is home to a Clematis armandii with fragrant March blossoms are followed later in the year by the perfume from a vigorous Jasmine officinale.

The pretty TURRET: in the walled garden where teddy bears live upstairs (usually with treats for little children).

The RIVER CABIN: where a photographic display reveals something of the beauty of flower, foliage, and garden vistas as the seasons unfold in this lovely place.





In excess of 1km of paths (grassy, gravelled or paved) invite exploration and guide visitors through herbaceous borders, fruit paddocks, walled garden, kitchen garden, woodland, grass garden, courtyards and riverside paths.

Springtime in the walled garden, the keen eye will note Jeffersonia diphylla and stunning double Hellebores as well, more recently established, elegant Erythronium–Snow  Goose. Later on the little colony of Meconopsis, Himalayan Poppies, draws admirers to the corner under a venerable old apple tree. As winter retreats wander to the old woodland path and be delighted by swathes of snowdrops. In the grassy paddocks carpets of daffodils and narcissi will gradually give way, initially, to graceful Camassia  and  dozens of  Fritillaria meleagris  and by early Summer  to the dainty spires of wild orchids and deep blue naturalised irises ....a  beautiful sight.

The herbaceous borders vary in texture, fragrance and colour and atmosphere throughout the year. Stately Telekia with dramatic late summer yellow flowers will yield interesting seedheads saved for household decoration. Nepeta, Six Hills Giant, a favourite of Lesser Tortoiseshell butterflies, where the bees are busy at work  in summer sunshine guides both foot and eye toward the Glass House. In early Autumn  be sure to seek out the fascinating Toad Lilies, Tricyrtis formosana ....what miniature complex beauties!

Spindle trees, Euonymous, festooned with orange seeds in the candy pink fruits lend an exotic touch to an Irish Autumnal hedgerow ....this is truly a garden for all seasons. Go quietly by the stream and you may see the numerous small brown trout or even a  flash of blue ....the Kingfisher ....magical!





Fancroft abounds with beautiful structural details to delight the keen eye. Seek out the numerous lovely wrought iron gates.  Do  climb the stone steps by the turret and thus get a good view of the  circular motif repeated  throughout the walled garden ....in the boxhedging, in the paved area, in the interesting quern stone and the round window  which affords a lovely view over the lawn to the South of the house. Make your way out there and view the unusual Totem pole left after  a major storm, it stands in fine contrast to the neighbouring majestic  monkey puzzle.

Now  find the cockerel  statue, on  permanent alert perched on the gate post to the main gardens. Sit a while on the parapet of the lovely old well in the inner courtyard, it is home to some goldfish  who will come to the surface and acknowledge you presence! There are two marvellous round stone tables in this area  and back in the outer courtyard, against the wall are the pair of mill stones removed as part of  the 1883 reequipping of the mill.


oldstone wall and herbaceous border





Throughout Fancroft Gardens numerous seats, some out of doors others under cover, encourage visitors  to rest awhile, reflect, listen in peace to the soundtrack of this special place ....avail of the precious opportunity to simply “BE”.

Linger for a bit in the sheltered comfort of the Glass House  or choose one of the slate seats in the Walled garden from where you have a good view through the stately gates to the main areas of herbaceous borders beyond.    








wooden mill workings kingfisher magnetic compass among purple crocus flowers. magnetic compass among purple crocus flowers. rusty metal cylinder in crevice of stone wall