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For whom & when

Fancroft Mill & Gardens welcomes individual visitors as well as groups, up to a maximum of 50 persons.

Season: February–October.

Times: Flexible opening to suit visitors needs and on designated days as required under Section 482 Taxes Consolidation Act, 1997.

Entry fee: Contact to ask about  individual, group and concession rates. Children under 5, no charge.






What to expect

Introduction to Fancroft: On arrival, visitors are given a brief, well illustrated presentation on the history of the site. The Mill conservation project and the evolution of the Gardens are outlined to create a context for the experience on which they are about to embark.
Fancroft Mill: Visitors who wish to view the Mill complex are taken on a guided tour. Mobility issues are discussed in advance to devise a plan suited to individual needs.

Cherry blossom petal strewn table and chairs.Fancroft  Gardens: Visitors can opt for independent or guided exploration of the Gardens. Maps are available if required.

Parking: There is ample parking for cars and coaches.

Toilets: Adjacent to the Mill Tea Room, the toilets are wheelchair accessible.

Refreshments: With discussion prior to arrival, refreshments are served featuring  home baking and local produce.

Children: In consideration of the natural hazards in both Mill and Gardens one to one supervision of  children by vigilant, accompanying adults is required at Fancroft.

Dogs: Dogs are welcome to the Gardens if kept on a short lead. They are not allowed in the Mill complex.



wooden mill workings butterfly on yellow flower hedgehog. magnetic compass among purple crocus flowers. rusty metal cylinder in crevice of stone wall


Note: Main banner image of Mill gallery accredited to Brian Redmond AIPPA, Roscrea.